K points

Think of K points as your KLUB member currency. These will be displayed on your personal dashboard when you are logged in, or in your KLUB app on your phone. Even just a few K points will get you benefits, and eventually when you have enough, these K points will put you onto the membership podium and once there, the rewards are endless. How far you go is up to you!

How to earn K points

K points can be earned in so many ways!
Join the KLUB and connect your Strava account
Once you have created a KLUB account you will see various options to complete your profile, such as telling KLUB your riding cycling interests, connecting your Strava account, providing your measurements etc. Once you complete your profile at 100%, you will immediately earn 4000 K points.
Get out and ride
If you’ve connected your Strava account to your KLUB profile, every time you log a ride you’ll earn K points. The further you ride, the more you’ll earn.
Distance completed K points per achievement K points per kms i.e kms K points collected
0 - 50 kms 0 1 37 37
50 - 110 kms 60 1.5 72 168
110 - 160 kms 120 2 134 388
160 - 210 kms 180 2.5 203 687.5
210 kms and more 240 3 257 1011
Don`t forget to follow 'KATUSHA Cycling' on Strava. If you have connected your account to your KLUB profile, you will automatically earn 350 K points.
Purchase product
Purchase product from KATUSHA Sports and earn K points.
Purchases on KATUSHA Sports Amount spent K points collected
Ratio spent / K Points collected 1 € 5
i.e 357 € 1785
Come and say hello
Join a KLUB event, meet KATUSHA at a pop-up, grab a coffee from the mobile KATUSHA Cafe, visit team KATUSHA ALPECIN at a race... When we meet you, you’ll earn K points.
Action K points collected
Participation KLUB event Depends on event
Visit team KATUSHA ALPECIN 450
Let us say hello
Subscribe to KLUB and/or KATUSHA newsletter and you’ll earn K points.
Brands K points collected
KLUB 250
KATUSHA Sports 250
K Points... The more you earn, the better the rewards.