Privacy statement of the KLUB programme

We know just how important the protection of your personal data is for you. It is a high priority for us to gain your trust by the careful and responsible treatment of your personal data.

In this privacy statement we explain to you what information is collected, processed and used in connection with your participation in the KLUB customer loyalty programme (“KLUB”).

The operator and publishes of KLUB is KATUSHA SPORTS SA (“KSA”). Unless stated otherwise in this privacy statement, “We” refers to KSA as the bodies responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act.

1. Master data

When you apply to participate in KLUB, we collect some of your personal data in the application form. Specifically these are your last name, first name, sex, address, date of birth, email address and a mobile telephone number. Furthermore, along with your application or in the course of your membership of KLUB, you can communicate other data to us of your own volition, for example, your preferred language for correspondence or other interests or preferences. These data you provide are referred to by us as “Master Data”.

During your membership, this Master Data will be used primarily to clearly identify you as a member.

2. KLUB card number

When you open your KLUB account we provide you with a KLUB card number.

The KLUB card number will be assigned to your Master Data; it also serves to clearly identify you as a member.

3. Programme Data

When you earn or redeem POINTS in the context of KLUB, we record the so-called “Programme Data”.

When you earn POINTS, the Programme Data collects all the information required for POINTS credit and the administration, ongoing development and marketing of KLUB. In this case, these data include the operator, joint operator or KLUB partner company where you earn POINTS, as well as information relating to the services from which the POINTS credit originated.

By saving these data, we can ensure the effective tracking of account movements, detailed information when requested, and the rapid processing of any possible complaints you may make.

4. Treatment of your personal data

We collect, process and use your personal data, for example, for master and programme data within the context of KLUB particularly to

5. Data transmission in the context of KLUB

5.1 Joint Operator and KLUB partner companies

The operator of KLUB can appoint selected partner companies in certain countries which may market KLUB (“joint operator”).

The operator of KLUB can also appoint KLUB partner companies which my participate in the programme.

In the following cases we may transfer data for the administration, ongoing development and marketing of KLUB to the joint operator and KLUB partner companies if you have agreed with it.

5.2 Katusha Group

The KATUSHA Group encompasses several companies KATUSHA MANAGEMENT SA, KATUSHA TRAVEL, K MEDIA AND KATUSHA IP SA. The member’s Master Data and Programme Data obtained within the framework of KLUB will be shared with the other KATUSHA Group companies with your consent for the management, ongoing development and marketing of KLUB.

6. Consent

We can give you the option of giving us separate consent for receiving

This kind of consent can be granted by you, for example, in your application to participate in KLUB, on our website, or in a KLUB communication medium or another advertising medium.

If you have given your consent, we can analyse your Master and Programme Data and the analytical data collected if you make use of our offers (for example, our websites, newsletter or means of communication) in order to send you relevant, personalised information to suit your interests. We will only collect, process and use other personal data from other sources – such as websites operated by third parties – for the compilation of personalised information if you have given the corresponding consent to do so.

You can customise your communication settings in your customer profile at Please note that, should you revoke your consent, you will not receive any further information from us (with the exception of information of legal relevance to the KLUB programme).

7. Access, corrections

Upon request, we are happy to inform you whether your personal data have been saved and, if so, which data. If, despite our best efforts to ensure that the data saved are accurate and up-to-date, incorrect information is stored, we will correct it at your request. In your customer profile on our website, you can check the current status of the majority of your Master Data yourself. Please update your personal data immediately after any changes occur (for example, your postal address, email address or telephone number).

8. Data security

We use technical and organisational security measures to protect your data that we process against accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, deletion or access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are being improved continuously as new technology develops.

We store your personal data on servers in which are a party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. When service providers are used, personal data may also be communicated to other countries in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.

9. Updating

We check this privacy statement regularly and we will update it as necessary. Where there are significant changes made to our data protection policies, we will inform you (for example, on our website).

10. Data protection officers

The KATUSHA Sports SA data protection officer is also the data protection officer for KLUB. If you have questions about data protection at KLUB, please contact us by sending a letter to DATA PROTECTION, KATUSHA SPORTS SA, Rue de France 23 1203 Geneva, Switzerland or an email to